DIY Radio Flyer Red Wagon Transformations

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DIY Radio Flyer Red Wagon Transformations

October 29, 2014
posted by Brittney Snow

Parents are coming up with unique and fun ways to incorporate our wagons and trikes into their kids’ Halloween costumes. We’ve seen our Pathfinder Wagon transformed into a bathtub, our All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon made into a mouse trap and our 4-in-1 Trike as a locomotive. Decorating their ride helps bring the kids’ costumes to life and is a bonus for mom and dad when it comes to toting home exhausted candy collectors.

Recently, one of our very own Flyers switched things up and used our Steer & Stroll Coupe to make his little conductor a “Choo Choo.” Not only will it hit the sidewalks this Halloween, but the train portion of the costume will be something his little guy can play with indoors when he can’t take it for a spin outside. This would also be great for a train themed birthday party! The birthday boy or girl could roll into their celebration in style.


The DIY project took about 4-5 hours to complete and he used the following materials. Keep in mind, you can use other items that you find around your house.

  • Frame - 2x2 lumber
  • Exterior - cardboard from leftover moving boxes
  • Front area - 12" cylindrical concrete form, 5 gallon pail lid
  • Smoke stack - cardboard tube, small plastic pail from dollar store
  • Miscellaneous PVC parts for pistons
  • Spray paint - choose your child's favorite colors

Here are pictures to help guide you as you build a “Choo Choo” for your child:

  • Our Steer & Stroll Coupe ride-on
  • The wood frame for the train
  • Cylindrical concrete form was used to create the front end
  • A small plastic pail was used for the smoke stack
  • Spray paint makes the train colorful and fun
  • Slide it over the Steer & Stroll Coupe
  • All aboard! Your conductor is ready to leave the station.

How has your family incorporated one of our ride-on toys for a costume or during dress up?