8 Easy Last-Minute Wagon Halloween Costumes for Kids

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8 Easy Last-Minute Wagon Halloween Costumes for Kids

August 29, 2022
posted by Ali Randazzo

The spookiest night of the year is creeping up on us! With Halloween less than two weeks away, don’t let costume planning give you a fright. As The Official Wagon of Halloween®, Radio Flyer has your family covered with 8 easy DIY costumes that incorporate your wagon. Keep reading for instructions on how to recreate these looks and check out our Pinterest board for more family wagon costume inspiration.


1. Wheely Spooky Wagon

     child in costume sitting in wagon

Perfect for the Halloween generalist, create a spooky scene using Halloween decor and a canopy wagon! This design adds festive flare to any costume your little one may be wearing. Add store-bought spider webs and Halloween signs to the wagon. Not only is this wagon decked out for trick-or-treating, but the process of picking out supplies and decorating the wagon is a fun bonus Halloween activity for the whole family!

To make things even easier, you can use any materials you already have on hand at home to create your Halloween-inspired wagon scene.


  • Stretchy spider web decorations
  • Themed signage (homemade or store-bought!)
  • Any other decorations you want to add!


2. Food Truck Fun

     children in costume standing next to wagon

What type of food truck has your little ones running down the block to chase? Whether it’s an ice cream truck or a hot dog and pizza food truck we see above, with some cardboard, markers, and quick pull-over costumes, your little entrepreneurs can get creative with their favorite foods for an adorably clever and mobile Halloween costume.


  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Markers
  • Pullover costumes to match your truck’s cuisine


3. Chicken Coop

     family next to wagon with costumes

With just a little hay and flannels, transform your wheels into a chicken coop! This family dressed their little ones in feathered costumes, attached hay to their plastic wagon, and created a sign with cardboard. Alternatively, fill the wagon bed with hay and sit your little one on top. 


  • Cardboard sign
  • Chicken costumes
  • Parent costume: flannel and denim
  • Hay


4. Spectacular Circus

     family next to wagon in costume

Have you ever claimed that your house was a circus? When October 31st rolls around, bring it to life with this wagon costume for the whole family. Transform your wagon into a big top using wooden or plastic stakes to attach the pin-striped fabric. Finish off the look with streamers around the base of the wagon and a cardboard sign.


  • Wooden or plastic poles/stakes
  • Pin-striped fabric
  • Streamers or triangle garland
  • Accompanying costumes: lions and ringmaster


5. Mouse Trap

      child in costume in wagon

This costume will keep your little one cozy all night trick-or-treating! Using The Official Wagon of Halloween® (this family used a plastic wagon), decorate a piece of wood with mouse trap details. Keep your little one warm with grey outerwear and costume mouse ears.


  • Painted wood
  • Hose or metal spiral
  • Fake cheese decoration  


6. Same Day Deliveries & Same Day Costumes  

      child in costume in wagon

Using one piece of cardboard and markers, transform your wagon into any iconic truck! Simply measure out your poster board or cardboard (reuse flattened cardboard boxes to be eco-friendly), decorate with paint or markers, then attach to the canopy using tape.


  • Cardboard or posterboard
  • Markers
  • Optional costume to tie it together!


7. Cozy Costume

      child in costume in wagon

This wagon costume will keep your little one warm and cozy while trick-or-treating snuggled in with all their favorite stuffed animals! All you need is stuffed animals from home and an accompanying creature costume. After the wagon is packed, little ones imaginations can take flight as they are transported to the biggest zoos or most exotic rainforests with their animal pack.


  • Stuffed animals from home
  • Accompanying animal costume


8. Sea Creatures

     child in wagon in shark costume

With just some construction paper and an accompanying sea creature costume, this wagon costume will have families swimming to shore to hand your little one treats. With blue paper, cut out a wave design then tape it around your wagon. This family added a “shark sighted” decoration as well. Finish off the look with an accompanying shark costume or grey outerwear with DIY fins. This wagon costume for kids can go beyond sharks to feature their favorite sea creatures, like starfish, jellyfish, or even a scuba diver!


  • Blue and yellow paper
  • Tape
  • Markers
  • Accompanying sea creature costume


We hope you have a blast creating these DIY wagon costumes for families. If you try any of these ideas or have memories of them in the past, share them with us on social media @radioflyerinc. We can’t wait to see all the adventures you have with your Official Wagon of Halloween® this October!