Family Hikes — No One Gets Left Behind

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Family Hikes — No One Gets Left Behind

November 21, 2018
posted by Mindy Schanzle

Thanksgiving is a time to take stock in all that we are grateful for — friends, family, and fond memories.


For our Thanksgiving Little Red Story, we’d like to share a heartwarming tale about a family whose wagon helps them make memories together.


Meet nine-year-old Duke the Rescue Dog, a 70-pound German Shepherd/Chow mix. After Duke’s original owner passed away and the extended family failed to provide proper care, Duke was on the loose for a couple of weeks before animal control captured him. He picked up heartworm, fleas and ticks as a stray. Duke also seems to have sustained a back injury. Upon being provided with medical care by an organization called K9 Stray, Duke was adopted and brought to his forever home, where a one-year-old, four-legged sibling named Lola also resides.


Duke’s owners like to bring their dogs along on their hikes. However, because of the physical trauma Duke endured, he is only able to walk short distances and cries when he is left at home during longer walks. Due to Duke’s limitations, they began wondering if he’d be willing to ride in a wagon. That way, Duke could travel wherever hikes took them — and for any length of time.


“I spent a couple of days researching different brands and types of wagon,” Duke’s owner said. “I was looking for quality, aesthetic appeal and durability. So, I ended up customizing a Radio Flyer wagon that was tailored to our lifestyle and future plans. Now, we go on two to three hikes per week, and Duke is never left out!”


Read all about Duke’s amazing adventure here.