The Gift of Radio Flyer

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The Gift of Radio Flyer

December 17, 2012
posted by Melissa Enos

Did you ever wonder if the team who designs Radio Flyer products, gives the products as gifts to their own kids, friends, and family?   Based on my round of interviews in our office, these are some favorite Radio Flyer gifts.  Check out what our product development experts say they have given and the fun reactions they received. 

Todd Hertliz, Design Director – “Not long after I started working here, I bought a shiny new All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon for my son (then 1 year old).  His eyes just lit up when he saw it and I was so proud to take him for his first ride around the neighborhood.  As he and his sister have grown, we have taken it everywhere – to the park, Trick-or-Treating on Halloween, to the pumpkin patch and they always love the experience of riding in their Radio Flyer.  I’ve even used it myself to haul things around the year when they weren’t looking!”

Ross Bartels, Industrial Designer - “I decided to surprise a long time friend with two bumper car ride-ons for his twins.  Immediately after he received the gift, I received an email stating, ‘If my girls reaction to them is typical; you have a real success on your hands.  They rode them around outside for 30 minutes or so with smiles from ear to ear, and the only way we could get them to come in the house for dinner was to tell them that they could ride them around the house when they came in.’  My smile grew from ear to ear after seeing the pictures he sent me because the twin’s smiles were brighter than a light bulb.”

Emily Rivard, Sr. Product Development Engineer – "My story is more about a gift that I’m giving this month.   I'm planning to give my niece, Grace, a customized Build-A-Wagon for Christmas.  I am excited to choose the features and a fashion for her special wagon.  I'm definitely going to deck it out with storage, padded seats and a canopy!  A personalized nameplate will make it that much more special.  I'm looking forward to taking her for walks and outings in her wagon for years to come."

I always feel touched to hear the stories of the gifts that continue to bring moments that bring lasting joy to families.  And for me, well I’ve got some scooters wrapped for my niece & nephews that will bring them great moments of racing down the sidewalk this year!   What are some of your favorite gifting moments?

  • ATW All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon
  • Bumper Car
  • Build-A-Wagon