Giggles & Wiggles: Introducing the Ziggle, A New Way to Ride and Play

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Giggles & Wiggles: Introducing the Ziggle, A New Way to Ride and Play

June 04, 2013
posted by Melissa Enos

Got the wiggles?  We challenged ourselves to create a kids riding product like no other.   Something that was so fun, kids would not want to stop riding it and would keep playing with for hours.  We think we have a winner with the new Radio Flyer Ziggle,  designed for ages 3 to 8.

The riding fun is endless because kids can glide, slide, race, spin, and more.  The patent-pending 4-wheel, kid-powered system has caster wheels allowing for a smooth, fast ride and 360 degree spinning action.  Kids brake with their feet, Flintstones-style —and have padded grips for their hands and grip tape on the footrests for added control. 

We observed many kids riding our new Ziggle before we released it last month.   One thing that was consistent:  every child got on and started riding right away.  It was so intuitive for them.   They giggled. They wiggled. They had tons of fun!  Kids lined up to try it.

Our Product Development team told me that even in the early stages of testing, all they had to do was put Ziggle on the floor and kids would hop on and take off on their own, no explanation needed.  It was easy for kids to pick up the motion needed to ride, and they knew to simply put their feet down to brake.

With a solid steel frame and adjustable grow-with-me seat, we know Ziggle will be a lasting family favorite for years of riding fun!  What do you think?