How to Wrap a Radio Flyer

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How to Wrap a Radio Flyer

December 19, 2014
The list are signed, sealed and delivered to the North Pole. Tools have been found, instructions interpreted, and the wheels are finally on the wagon. The prefect gift is ready to roll into Christmas morning!
And now, well, how ARE you going to wrap this thing?
Radio Flyers big and small are a classic gift item, and we have seen some great ways to wrap them over the years. With the size of our toys, sometimes you need a little creativity. In the end it is completely worth it to have a wow present waiting under the tree.

Giant Bow

With a shiny red wagon, you don't NEED to cover it up. A giant bow and oversized gift tag are all you need to present the ultimate Christmas present.





















Bow, Tape, Paper, and more Tape

For some of our smaller items, you just need a little time and A LOT of tape. The trick is to use multiple smaller pieces of wrapping paper to cover the entire thing. This method will have everyone crossing fingers in hopes that they will unwrap this mystery gift

Santa Bag

Our trikes are a little too big to cover in wrapping paper and a little to small to hold their own with a giant bow. Which means they are JUST RIGHT for a Santa bag.

Portable Present Holder

Our classic wagons are great gifts and great gift holders. This works especially well if you need to move from room to room or car to house loaded with presents. You can even leave it at a front door for guests to drop off grab bag gifts as the arrive, then roll into the party at the right moment.