Camp Radio Flyer: Imagination Day

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Camp Radio Flyer: Imagination Day

July 30, 2020
posted by Mindy Schanzle


Good morning Campers, and welcome to Day 4 of Camp Radio Flyer! Who’s ready for Imagination Day? Today’s camp theme is all about being silly, creative, and using our imaginations as families get into character for our dress up activity. Campers and Counselors can create their own costume, pair off in duos, or join in on a whole family costume. After you’re all decked out, the imaginative thinking continues as your Campsite puts on a show – silly songs, a playful skit, or a good old fashion game of charades will have everyone engaged and entertained.

Already thinking about your costume? Keep those imaginations working…let’s go!


Campsite Dress Up

Materials: any props or decorations you and your family want to create for your dress up costumes.

Directions: use items from around the house, different articles of clothing, and decorations you make to dress up in a creative costume. Your Radio Flyer vehicle makes the perfect costume companion. Need a kick start on brainstorming dress up ideas? Here are a few favorites:

  • School Day – put on your backpack and favorite school outfit and transform your wagon into a yellow school bus.
  • Safari Time – dress for an outdoor adventure with binoculars and load your wagon with your stuffed animals
  • Delivery! – dress as a delivery driver and fill your wagon with empty boxes
  • Under the Sea – get in your swimming gear and decorate with waves and fish
  • Your favorite book/show character and any corresponding vehicle

Check out the slide show for more ideas!



Creative Performance

After you’ve created the perfect outfit, it is time to kick imaginations into high gear with a special show. We’ve got three ideas for silly performances your family can try!


  1. Sing a silly song about your costume/theme. If it helps, change some of the lyrics or write to the tune of a favorite song of nursery rhyme.
  2. Perform a skit. If you need a way to get started, use a prompt from the audience with a place and action. For example, “You’re a [the costume] at the beach searching for buried treasure” or “A [the costume] in outer space playing basketball.”
  3. Charades. Have each member of the family act out an action related to their costume and have the rest of the family guess!


That’s a wrap on Imagination Day! Who had the silliest costume? What about the most creative performance? We would love to hear about all of your imaginative adventures! Be sure to follow @radioflyerinc on Instagram and share pictures of your family’s costumes. Use #CampRadioFlyer to enter for your chance to win the Ultimate Summer Prize Pack.

Only one day of camp left! Join us tomorrow as we finish up this session of Camp Radio Flyer with Campout Day.