Introducing the Busy Buggy™

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Introducing the Busy Buggy™

September 11, 2018
posted by Chelsea Lavin

Introducing our new ride-on toy, the Busy Buggy™! In addition to encouraging imaginative play, the Busy Buggy™ helps to develop both fine and gross motor skills. It’s also a push walker, which can help to build confidence and improve balance as children learn to walk.


“The design team started by creating sketches and early prototypes to determine which features would be most developmentally beneficial and most engaging for kids,” reveals Sam, Product Development Engineer at Radio Flyer. “Once the concept was refined, the Busy Buggy™ headed to the engineering team where I focused on construction and mechanism design.”


Featuring 17 interactive sensory activities, the Busy Buggy™ promises endless hours of learning and fun. It features interlocking gears, a clicking spare tire, folding side-view mirrors and a spinning steering wheel. Meanwhile, spinning beads introduce letters and numbers and under-seat storage allows kids’ favorite toys join in on adventures.


“My favorite part about developing the Busy Buggy™ was figuring out simple ways to design the tactile features,” Sam adds. “Simplifying mechanisms without compromising the function allowed us to maximize the number of features and play value while maintaining an affordable price.”


The inspiration for the ride-on came from “busy boards” — a popular do-it-yourself trend. You can think of the Busy Buggy™ as a ride-on “busy board” with every tactile button and switch you could ask for. Plus, it is a fun way for your little one to learn how to walk and ride!


Of course, safety was top of mind, too. Geared toward ages 1-3, the Busy Buggy™ is equipped with an anti-tip feature, which is attached to the back of the car. 


“It’s strategically positioned to prevent tipping and provide stability to the child when using the Busy Buggy™ in walker mode,” Sam notes.


See the Busy Buggy™ in action by checking out our video here. Ready to give it a whirl? Buy now on today.