Introducing the Grow With Me Racer: Three Stages of 360-Degree Fun!

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Introducing the Grow With Me Racer: Three Stages of 360-Degree Fun!

November 13, 2017
posted by Sam Sturgeon

We’ve all heard of remote control cars, but Radio Flyer’s new Grow with Me Racer is something else entirely! The very first battery-operated, remote-controlled kids car of its kind, the Grow with Me Racer is entirely adult-driven with a one-handed RC and an 80-foot range. But don’t worry - there’s an auto shut-off that kicks in the second it gets too far away!

As the name implies the Grow With Me Racer ages with your child in stages. At its start, it’s completely adult driven. As your child grows , the vehicle can be kid-driven with adult override capability . This enables parents to override  their child and either direct them on a better path or immediately stop them in their tracks for safety reasons. Once your child is fully independent, the Grow With  Me Racer can be completely kid-driven using the steering wheel. Parents simply need to adjust the setting. One easy-push button allows kids to move forward effortlessly, while another easy-push button and steering wheel spins them right and left.


Wondering about the mechanics? The driving stages are controlled underneath the seat — which is also where the remote control is stored when it’s not in use. Intended for kids ages 1 ½ to 4 years, the car features a rechargeable 6V battery,  two mph of travel speed, and  360° of spin-action fun!


Of course, a whole lot of testing went into the Grow With Me Racer before it ever hit the market. While  remote-controlled, battery-operated vehicles for kids are fairly common in Asia, Radio Flyer’s Grow With Me Racer is the first of its kind to hit the U.S. market. Because safety is Radio Flyer’s number one priority, it went through rigorous testing. At that time, most  parents noted the need for a seatbelt. We listened and, needless to say, added one!


During the testing phase,  it quickly became apparent that kids LOVE to spin. Case in point: one girl  spun herself for a few minutes straight on the prototype. We knew then and there that the 360° spin button was requisite. In fact, it’s officially one of Grow With Me Racer’s coolest features.


Want to learn more? Check out the Grow With Me Racer here.