Introducing the Little Red Roadster

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Introducing the Little Red Roadster

August 27, 2019
posted by Chelsea Lavin

A-ooo-ga! Introducing our newest little red ride with a retro vibe, the Little Red Roadster. Kids ages 1-3 years old will love riding around on this fun vehicle.


The Little Red Roadster is bringing a new spin on an old favorite. Some of you may remember this classic ride from your own childhood. Well, this adorable fan favorite is back! With a steel body and classic finishes like the shiny metal grill, kids and parents alike will love its style. We’ve updated the roadster with modern features like the ergonomic seat back to provide support and comfort for little riders while maintaining the retro feel and design.


The Little Red Roadster brings a sense of imagination with its unique design. Kids will love scooting around the house and creating their own adventures with this ride on.


Working steering helps develop key motor skills as little ones ride around and honk the real working horn. Parents will love the all-rubber tires that provide a quiet ride while little ones play.



Don’t dilly-dally! Be sure to get your own Little Red Roadster today!