Introducing Radio Flyer: 100 Years of America's Little Red Wagon

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Introducing Radio Flyer: 100 Years of America's Little Red Wagon

October 30, 2018
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Radio Flyer is a cultural touchstone for people of all ages since we began in 1917. We are excited to share the history of this icon in our new collectible, must-have keepsake, RADIO FLYER: 100 Years of America’s Little Red Wagon by Chief Wagon Officer, Robert Pasin.


This beautifully designed and illustrated book pays homage as we celebrate our first centennial anniversary and embark on our next 100 years. Packed with 250 exclusive full-color and black-and-white illustrations, stories, and original drawings from the Radio Flyer archives, RADIO FLYER: 100 Years of America’s Little Red Wagon chronicles the history of this classic brand for the first time.


With so much heritage and joy packed into one book, we decided to break down the consumer stories, history, and wonder that fills the pages of this collectible.


  1. The Birth of the Wagon

It began with a classic story of humble beginnings. Sixteen year-old Antonio Pasin came to America in 1914 from a small town near Venice, Italy in search of a better life in Chicago. Antonio’s father & grandfather were cabinet makers and he was able to put his design skills to work by building phonograph cabinets. Antonio loved to tinker and create and he made other products as well. One of them was a wooden coaster wagon he named the Liberty Coaster after the statue that had welcomed him to America. Soon he was selling more wagons than phonograph cabinets. It was 1917 and our company was born. Our book details Antonio’s journey to America and the beginning of Radio Flyer.


  1. Radio Flyer through American History

With our heritage that spans over 100 years, Radio Flyer has encountered many historical events in America’s history including the Great Depression, World War II, the Baby Boom, and the turn of the century. Our book highlights the ups and downs Radio Flyer experienced during these much remembered times in our country’s history.


  1. Flying into a New Century

The 1990s were marked by a spirit of innovation and change that was everywhere – and accelerating – from the rise of the World Wide Web and wireless phones, to the shift from an analog to a digital information culture, to the influx of big-box retail stores. We detail our adventures and adaptations through the technology boom and how this revolutionized our industry.


  1. A New Way to Ride

Throughout the years, we have innovated new ways for kids to get out and play – and it’s more than just wagons! From scooters, to tricycles, to ride-on toys, we outline our product line and its innovative changes from over the past 100 years.               


  1. Time Flies – Enjoy the Ride

They say history repeats itself, and in Radio Flyer’s long life, that has certainly proven to be true. Throughout the years, we have heard stories of wonder, childhood and imagination sparked from our ride on toys. These stories are told throughout the book, and share the sense of creativity and imagination that has lived within our brand for over 100 years.


Order your must-have keepsake, RADIO FLYER: 100 Years of America’s Little Red Wagon today! You can find it online or in-store at the following retailers.


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