Little Red Stories: The Bruce Legacy

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Little Red Stories: The Bruce Legacy

May 01, 2018
posted by Mindy Schanzle

Radio Flyer toys have affected many generations over the past 100 years, creating warm memories for families around the world. We love hearing these stories of fun, imaginative play, especially when the memories continue throughout their family tree.


This month’s Little Red Stories submission comes from a Zebulon, North Carolina resident, Kate — a member of the Bruce family whose epic tale spans three generations.


Kate’s childhood centered on her Radio Flyer wagon, which went everywhere she would go. As Kate grew up and started her own family, a Radio Flyer wagon was among the first gifts her children received.


Now the proud grandmother of six, Kate continued that legacy. She has been kind enough to share a photo of her grandson with his very first, newly acquired wagon.


“No toy is more appreciated or used than a Radio Flyer wagon,” she writes. “You can put a variety of different toys under the Christmas tree — always, the Radio Flyer wagon prevails as the childhood favorite.”


In reflecting on Radio Flyer, Kate notes our brand is as American as apple pie — and practically part of her family’s DNA.


“I can still remember making trails in the woods with my Radio Flyer, she recalls. “And I am sure, even though my grandson is now using his first Radio flyer for rock collecting, there will be a million other uses for this one — and his next generation Radio Flyer.”


Read all about the Bruce legacy here. What is your favorite Radio Flyer memory? Share your very own Little Red Story here.