Little Red Stories: Childhood to Adulthood

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Little Red Stories: Childhood to Adulthood

March 12, 2019
posted by Mindy Schanzle

Radio Flyer wagons have been a part of many childhoods over the past 100 years, making impressions on little ones and their families. When they make such an impact that they last into adulthood, we can’t help but smile!


This month’s Little Red Stories submission comes from Mary S. who shared a story from her daughter’s wedding. Mary’s daughter Susan loved her wagon all throughout her childhood. Wherever she went, the wagon was part of her adventure. Susan’s wagon was so important that it made an appearance at her wedding reception!


Susan made her grand entrance by her husband Cody pulling her into their wedding reception in her beloved wagon. What a sweet tribute to a childhood favorite!


Read all about Mary and Susan’s story here. Have a story of your own? We can’t wait to hear it! Submit your Little Red Story here