Little Red Story: 1956 Radio Flyer Paper Drive

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Little Red Story: 1956 Radio Flyer Paper Drive

October 12, 2016
posted by Katelyn Jelley

Congratulations to our 1st September Little Red Stories weekly winner, Lynn! This was a unique Little Red Story and very interesting to learn more about!

Lynn is from Berwyn, IL. In the late 1940’s she was given a classic Radio Flyer wagon as a birthday present. In 1956 she decided to put her wagon to good use. She and her friend Sharon collected and sold several hundred pounds of newspapers to the scrap yard. They were saving up money to buy Mother’s Day gifts. They don’t remember how much they made, but they put in a lot of work!

Lynn also used her Radio Flyer to pull her friends around, haul different possessions, and ride down the hill at her uncle’s summer home. She no longer has this same wagon, but she still has the Radio Flyer wagon she bought for her son in the ‘70’s.

Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your story; we’re glad you’ve had such great experiences with your wagon!