Little Red Story: Big Victory!

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Little Red Story: Big Victory!

October 08, 2014
posted by Brittney Snow

As a parent, how many times have you found yourself jumping up and down, smiling and yelling “You can do it”? Sometimes it’s to motivate yourself, but most of the time it’s to encourage your kids as they work towards their next big accomplishment. From the moment when your little one lets go of your fingers and takes one big step, to the first time they kick a soccer ball towards the goal, you’re their biggest cheerleader. Our September Little Red Stories winner, Kathryn W., can attest to having this same feeling as she and her husband watched their daughter Aria pedal forward on her trike for the first time.

Aria’s big moment took place in their backyard and her parents were excited to be there to witness it all. Kathryn states that it “was a proud moment for mommy and daddy; […] it was watching our child learn the importance of trial, hard work, overcoming fear, and conquering an independent goal!” However, this wasn’t the first time Aria has made her parents proud. Three months ago, she accepted the job as Big Sister of Atticus. Aria helps with feeding, diaper changes, and cheers up her little brother, when he’s fussy.

When Aria’s not on big sister duty, she heads outdoors to play. She likes swimming, swinging in her tree swing and of course, riding her trike. Mom says that every ride includes a stuffed animal, and every once in a while, Aria will take Barbie for a spin. “Similar to my daughter, I always carried a friend along with me. Like mother, like daughter I suppose,” says Kathryn.

  • Aria and Atticus
  • "Aria loves the great outdoors," says Mom.
  • Aria and her trike

While Aria hasn’t officially decided what she wants to be for Halloween, Mom thinks that she’ll want to dress up as Minnie Mouse or a character from one of her favorite movies, Disney’s “Frozen.”

What big moment has your child had recently that you remember most?