Little Red Story: Bringing My Son’s Imagination to Life

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Little Red Story: Bringing My Son’s Imagination to Life

October 13, 2016
posted by Katelyn Jelley

Congratulations to our second September weekly Little Red Stories Winner, Micah and his Dad, Michael! We loved learning about where your imaginations have taken you.

Micah and his Dad are big car fans, but they are also big wagon fans. When Micah was one year old, his Dad decided that he needed the best mode of transportation for attending the car show, so he made Micah a custom Model 18 Radio Flyer wagon. This began their passionate hobby of customizing their own wagons. They currently have eight in their collection. Many of the wagons come directly from Micah’s imagination. Dad does his best to interpret Micah’s big imagination and bring them to life. Each wagon is more elaborate than the last.

Some of Micah’s ideas included a “car wagon”, a “hot rod wagon”, and a wagon with “big tires”, which Dad used large go-kart wheels and tires for. Micah’s most recent idea was a “tow truck” wagon; they can now show off two wagons at once! This is Micah’s favorite wagon creation so far because they were able to add working headlights!

When they’re not attending car shows, they use their wagons for attending arts & crafts festivals, swap meets, but mostly for walking around the block, to the local park or playing in the yard.

Thank you Micah and Dad for your wonderful Little Red Story and photos of your creations!