Little Red Story: Conversation

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Little Red Story: Conversation

November 12, 2014
posted by Brittney Snow

It’s common for grandparents and parents to pass down items to younger generations to help preserve the legacy of their family. Rings, watches and other jewelry are popular heirlooms, however grandpa’s guitar or great-grandma’s famous apple pie recipe, are just as valuable. Our September Little Red Stories winner, Cindy V., shares how a little red wagon has traveled through time carrying memories of childhood play and adventures for her family.

The picture in Cindy’s submission (above) shows her grandson, Evan, sitting in a wagon, talking with his great-grandmother (Cindy’s mother), Marna. Cindy explains that her parents originally purchased the wagon for her children when they were younger. “If you could see more of the wagon in the picture, you could see that it was well-loved by my sons,” says Cindy. She remembers her boys using the wagon for trips to the Columbus Zoo, parades and walks. As her sons got older, Cindy and her family used the wagon in their garden and yard. It has now made its way to Evan and the other grandchildren, and is used for rides around Grove City, Ohio.

When asked about the conversation that was captured in the shot, Cindy told us that she didn’t know and didn’t ask. She joked that it appeared to be very serious. Perhaps they were talking about music, which Cindy says they both enjoy. They might have also been discussing plans for an amazing party for their birthdays, which both happen to be on September 7. Or maybe they were sharing stories about their adventures with the wagon. We may never know, but it will probably be a memory that Evan and Marna never forget.

What family heirlooms have been passed down to your children?