Little Red Story: Dominic's Brain Surgery

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Little Red Story: Dominic's Brain Surgery

September 23, 2016
posted by Katelyn Jelley

Our Little Red Stories April Winner is a touching story of a very strong 1 ½ year-old named Dominic. Thank you to the Canal Family for sharing the special role we were able to play in “Dominic’s Brain Surgery”

In April, Dominic received brain surgery at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. He spent several days recovering in the PICU. He was having trouble walking and was given a Radio Flyer Pathfinder wagon to help him move around the hospital. Dominic found comfort in the wagon and absolutely did not want to get out! The nurses kindly accommodated and even connected Dominic to his monitors from his wagon! Mrs. Canal explained that it was where he felt most calm and comfortable.

Finally it was time to leave the hospital and begin physical therapy. Every time Dominic was taken out of his wagon, he tried to walk or crawl back to it. It was then that his parents decided to purchase a Radio Flyer wagon that was Dominic’s own. 

Now at home, Dominic can only spend limited time outside, but that doesn’t stop him from using his wagon! He is perfectly happy taking rides around the house with his favorite stuffed animals, Build-A-Bears that he received in the hospital and a stuffed shark named Destiny.

We asked his mom, Stephanie, what his favorite part about his wagon is, and were happily surprised with her response. Dominic’s favorite part is PULLING IT! He spent so much time sitting in the wagon, and now he finally has the strength to pull it himself! His lucky passengers are his stuffed animals and dinosaurs.

Stephanie provided us three words to describe Dominic:

  • Loving
  • Curious
  • Strong

These are all wonderful qualities to possess at a young age, and even harder to maintain in such a difficult situation. Dominic’s positive spirit is encouraging, and we see why he is described as the heart of his family.

The Canal family is planning to move to Oceanside, CA. They can’t wait to take Dominic to the beach in his new wagon. They will also take his wagon to Sea World and to his upcoming surgeries for comfort.

Thank you for your submission and congratulations to Dominic! All of us at Radio Flyer are honored to be able to provide Dominic with any level of comfort in the hardest part of his 1 ½ years. We are wishing the very best for Dominic and his family.