Little Red Story: Grand Prize Winner

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Little Red Story: Grand Prize Winner

June 05, 2014
posted by Melissa Enos

Unexpected moments can sometimes bring a lot of joy. I experienced this first hand when I was able to present the grand prize winner of our Little Red Stories contest with a check for $10,000 recently in Lawrence, Kansas.

The grand prize went to “Mama Sit,” our Oct. 2013 monthly winner. I had the pleasure of visiting Reesa, Tre and their adopted son Amare, the star of the story. 

The winning entry celebrated the joy Radio Flyer brings to families. While we enjoyed reading all the entries and magic moments submitted generously by so many, the winning story captured what’s best about childhood – and parenthood, all in one, showcasing the bond between parent and child.

It was so rewarding to meet one of the families who exemplified the essence of our mission to bring smiles to every boy and every girl. When I pulled up to their home, Amare ran to greet me. He bounded over with a huge smile on his face and playfully grabbed hold of the red balloons I brought for him. His parents told him friends were coming to see him for a special surprise, so he carefully picked out his outfit and made sure he had his bow tie on when we arrived.

While spending time with this close-knit family, I was able to experience their playful spirits and passion for play. We watched Amare hit balls with his dad in the front yard while a large group of schoolchildren spontaneously started cheering for Amare.  His happy-go-lucky attitude was so contagious that even strangers were drawn into his playful world. He rewarded their cheers with a small victory dance

Amare was adopted from Ethopia in 2012. Reesa and Tre hope he will have a little sister soon, another child they are working to adopt from his home country. Reesa has chronicled their family’s journey in her blog, and plans to use the grand prize money toward the adoption.

From being a part of an once-in-a-lifetime unexpected moment to experiencing a more every day moment alongside this family showed me how true happiness can be found in both.   It was an honor to witness the pure love and joy this family radiates.  I’m sure they will continue to create more every day moments that will last a lifetime.  On behalf of all the Flyers at Radio Flyer, I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations to them!

Do you recall a special, magical Radio Flyer moment--big or small--with your child or from your childhood?  Share your story in the comments below or post in our story gallery!

  • The Grand Prize Winner of the Radio Flyer Little Red Story Contest
  • Melissa with Amare
  • Children from a local school cheer on Amare as he plays ball with his dad