Little Red Story: Greg's Gift

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Little Red Story: Greg's Gift

August 04, 2014
posted by Emily Brandenstein

We are proud to announce that Sara L. is the winner of our June Little Red Stories contest!

The boy in the picture is Sara’s brother, Greg, who was diagnosed with Legg Perthes disease when he was a young boy. Greg’s condition confined him to wearing a spica cast for a year, but luckily his mother found a fun alternative to a wheelchair—a Radio Flyer wagon! Looking back at it, Greg and Sara’s mother laughs, joking that it would take an hour just to go mail a letter because she had to get the heavy wagon in and out of the car and tow Greg around in it.

Greg now lives with his three kids outside of Manhattan. When asked to recall the year when he was in the cast, Greg said he remembers loving being pulled to the park and going down the slide. Although Greg’s cast was an obstacle to the active play that kids love, his family found in humor in it when Greg’s Dad, Marshall, would hold him upside town from the bar separating his legs like a caught fish. From then on, Greg’s family called him “Tuna!”

Forty years later, Sara understands what it means to tow around a loved one in a Radio Flyer wagon. Greg’s old wagon has entered the life of the next generation—Sara’s son Grant. Grant is almost two-years-old and loves taking his Uncle Greg’s old wagon to the beach and park near his house. Besides going around with his wagon, Grant loves reading, playing with trucks, and his daily ritual of throwing stones into the water at the beach.

Congratulations, Sara, and thank you for sharing your beautiful little red story with us! We love stories of wagons passed down in families and wish you many warm memories to come!