Little Red Story: Heavy Load

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Little Red Story: Heavy Load

October 06, 2016
posted by Katelyn Jelley

Congratulations to our August Little Red Stories contest winner, the Albers family! This was a great Little Red Story that brought laughter among our office!

The Albers Little Red Story began with their 8 year old daughter, who received the 30 year old Classic Red Radio Flyer wagon from her Grandfather a few years ago. It was buried in his barn gathering dust, so one day he decided to pull it out and repaint it for her. Their daughter shares it with her 2 year old brother, Preston, and pulls him around. Preston also attaches it to the back of his trike to pull his toys, tools, and lawnmower.

One of Preston’s favorite things to do with the wagon is pretend it’s a boat trailer and attach it to the back of his parent’s pick-up truck. He slips the handle right over the trucks hitch. It is Preston’s creative imagination that led to their silly Little Red Story!

One night Preston’s Dad had to go to the gas station, so he quickly hopped in their pick-up truck and drove a few miles to the nearest one. He was going about 40 mph. When he arrived he was surprised to see the wagon attached to the back of the truck; still holding Preston’s toys! This Radio Flyer was put to the ultimate test, and came through with shining colors!

The Albers have shared this story amongst friends and family, and the reaction is always a lot of laughter. They even posted it on their Facebook pages and it received over 900 shares!

Thank you to the Albers family for sharing your Little Red Story, we hope you continue to make more Radio Flyer memories!