Little Red Story: Henry's Here!

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Little Red Story: Henry's Here!

March 28, 2014
posted by Tracy Baldwin

Like many parents, the Little Red Story Winner for February Maggie G. from Gainesville, GA, aspires to recreate the best parts of her childhood for her children.   That’s why she and her husband gave their son Henry, 10 months, an extra special gift this Christmas--his first Radio Flyer wagon.

She writes, “As a child, some 25 years ago, my (Irish twin) brother and I had our first Little Red Wagon, the red metal kind with the black metal handle. We put some miles on that classic toy, and have picture after picture of us over the years playing with our beloved wagon....up and down the driveway, along the sidewalks, to football tailgates, and round n' round the yard.”

Maggie (pictured at right as a child) reports that Henry loves riding in his wagon too and gets a big kick out of being pulled past the family dog, Baxter, while in his driveway at home. She says he tries to get the cat to hop in the wagon with him too, to no avail!

Henry also uses his wagon when traveling on family adventures to see his great-grandfather, who has a menagerie of animals on his property, including a new goat and his mommy, playful baby donkeys, an energetic pony, and a honking goose. His mom said Henry loved being pulled in his wagon to see the animals he had only previously read about in books.

An outdoor lover who likes to get out and play, Henry is looking forward to the summer, when he heads out on his next adventure to the Gulf Coast in Florida to see his best friend (son of Maggie’s best friend), Hampton, who is only two days younger than Henry. They even have their own Instagram hashtag #adventuresofhamptonandhenry! 

Maggie says, “Henry’s little red wagon will be perfect for us to pull through the surf in the early mornings when it’s not too warm for the babies. The wheels are just right for a bit of “off-road” riding!” 

Congratulations to Maggie and her family as another generation enjoys the timeless fun of Radio Flyer.  Do you have a Little Red Story to share?  Share your story today to win a $500 gift card or be eligible for the $10,000 grand prize!

  • Henry and his friend Hampton
  • Henry and Hampton
  • Henry and Hampton on the beach
  • Henry and Hampton hanging out
  • Henry and Hampton with Santa
  • Henry with his cat Sandy
  • Henry at his great-grandfather's house