Little Red Story: Her Wish

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Little Red Story: Her Wish

February 27, 2014
posted by Tracy Baldwin

What was once a special prize at a local Wales Kiwanis Club Easter Egg Hunt nearly 25 years ago will again be a treasured reward—as the gift of a Radio Flyer Town & Country Wagon comes full circle.   Some lucky family will receive the wagon at this year’s contest, thanks to our Little Red Story Winner for January:  David M. from South Wales, NY, who is donating part of his winnings.

David is the grandfather of Leo and Cole, three-and- a-half-year-old fraternal twins and stars of the winning story.  Their Great Aunt Barb—his sister-in-law—gave the boys a Radio Flyer Town & Country Wagon as a gift, a prize her family had won decades ago when her son found a special egg at an Easter Egg hunt that was “redeemable for a ‘still in the box’ Radio Flyer Wagon.”  Since her children already had a wagon, she decided to save the boxed wagon in hopes of passing it along to a grandchild.

Life happened, and Great Aunt Barb battled cancer, and the complications that come with it, a battle she eventually lost.  Before she died, she was able to gift the “still in the box” Radio Flyer wagon to her great nephews Leo and Cole, and the other Radio Flyer wagon her sons used to their cousin. David writes, “Aunt Barb knew grandchildren were not in her future on this Earth, and it brought her much joy knowing these boys would put these wagons to good use.”

David shared that his sister-in-law had a heart of gold—working for the family’s small excavation company as a secretary and not missing one day for three years, providing a rock of support when his wife—her sister—was battling non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and baking him his favorite pie every Christmas.

Leo and Cole do their Great Aunt Barb proud by using the wagon on an almost daily basis—with their grandpa reporting that on some days it is a sled with wheels, others a taxi; and in the photo featured in the story, a trailer to haul heavy equipment to their “jobsite” in the backyard. 

The preschoolers enjoy the outdoors along with their Mom and Dad, going hiking, cross country skiing and sledding.  Leo will take on any task that is labeled a job--be it making his bed, raking leaves, sweeping up spills, etc.  Cole, when last asked, wants to be a monster truck driver.  In their quiet time, they enjoy being read a story to by David’s wife of 40 years, Diana - Grandma.

David concludes, “Antonio Pasin would be proud to know that 97 years after his wagon business started the core of his business, the simple toy wagon is still its flagship.  The more things change, the more they remain the same.”

Congratulations again to David and his family.  Do you have a Little Red Story to share?  Share your story today to win a $500 gift card or to be eligible for the $10,000 grand prize!

  • The Maiden Voyage
  • Enjoying the outdoors
  • Playing outside, rain or shine!
  • Great Aunt Barb shortly after her bone marrow transplant, when she first met the boys. She had to stay in quarantine for 100 days, so this was a BIG day for her!