Little Red Story: Just A Toy?

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Little Red Story: Just A Toy?

May 21, 2014
posted by Tracy Baldwin

Happy 3rd Birthday today to Augustine, the little boy featured in “Just A Toy?”-- the Little Red Story Winner for April! His mom, Robyn F., shared that when Augustine was 2, he wanted nothing but a shiny red scooter. So he saved his money in his piggy bank until his wish came true!

But the scooter just isn’t a toy.  Robyn writes, “It’s a spaceship he rides to outer space, the plank of a pirate ship, and the escape vehicle from the dragons and dinos down the street. He loves his scooter because it can take him anywhere his heart desires, but I love it because it reminds me of everything I loved about being a child.”

His daddy is a local photographer and when he isn’t shooting products and weddings, he follows Augustine around, snapping shots of him at play.  We just love the sense of adventure.  What do you you think?

Robyn shared more details about Augustine’s adventures outdoors, little moments and milestones that many parents can relate to as they watch their little ones grow:

“We live in a cute little town walking distance (or scooter riding distance) from three different parks, a coffee shop and live on a street full of kids who love to play outside!

Augustine loves to play; he always has been as energetic one.  When he was a baby he rode up and down the street sitting on the back of the big boy’s bikes and skateboards. As he began to grow he learned to ride on our neighbor’s Radio flyer tricycle, he loved the bell that he could ring, the tassels that hung off the handle bars. You could just see the pride on his face as he slowly but surely learned to use those pedals.

When little Augustine wasn't riding that tricycle he was perfectly happy turning over rocks to find the worms underneath, and coloring with chalk on the sidewalks.

He has grown so much since last summer. His imagination may have gone far beyond the little boy drawing on the sidewalk and splashing in puddles, or maybe that imagination has been there, inside his little heart the whole time. 

Three-year-old Augustine loves dragons, airplanes and rocket ships.  He loves nothing more than our drive into the city of Detroit because he says the smoke stacks from the steel factory are actually dragons flying through the sky, blowing their fire and smoke to say hello to their friends, and the tunnel with the long rows of lights to us are merely ways to see in the dark but to him--those are not tunnels, oh no, those are time tunnels that take us from planet Earth into the mysterious beyond.

He loves running down the sidewalk to meet his friends at the park, he loves the feel of his long blonde hair blowing in the wind at the tip top of the hill just before he rolls all the way down. And you know what he loves most of all? Ice cream. Vanilla, in a cone, sometimes with sprinkles.”

Congratulations again to Robyn and her family for being selected as a monthly Little Red Story winner and receiving a $500 gift card to  Robyn plans to get Augustine a shiny red bike for his birthday, and a bike and tricycle for one of his best friend’s birthdays. 

Do you have a Little Red Story to share? While our contest is now officially over, we still want to hear from you.    Share your story today!