Little Red Story: Life on the Farm

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Little Red Story: Life on the Farm

August 26, 2015
posted by Jessica Kogan

Old McDonald isn’t the only one with a farm these days; our June little Red Stories winner, Ryder, and his family have a farm of their very own too! Mom, Daniella, shares with us how her family recently moved to their 40-acre farm, and the pure joy she gets seeing her family grow into their new life there. Living on such a large farm is no small task. Each day, Daniella and Ryder share countless adventures and memories, strolling between animal pens and open fields with their Little Red Wagon in tow. Ryder can be found grinning from ear-to-ear in his favorite Pathfinder Wagon, as he plays with the kittens, helps Mom feed baby calves and collect their chickens’ eggs. 

In September 2013, Daniella made the bold decision to swap life as she knew it for a completely new and rural life on a farm. Their family made the move out to the country and son, Ryder, was born in 2014. Daniella could not be happier with their home on the farm, and describes it as “the perfect place to raise a family.” Ryder is lucky enough to grow up in such a unique setting, with a farm to play on and lots of cute animals to play with! There’s Norman, the calf, whom Ryder loves to feed from a bottle filled with milk, Mama Cat and her 4 rambunctious kittens that Ryder loves to pet, a stable full of horses that Ryder and Daniella feed every morning, and of course, Ryder’s favorite animals of all—Fritz and Lilly, his two dogs. Ryder and Daniella travel all over their large farm with their wagon every day, feeding the animals, cleaning up, and having lots of fun.

Daniella describes Ryder as a “true outdoorsy farm boy,” and points out how growing up on a farm has really shaped his love of the great outdoors. Mom says that he is happiest when being out in nature, stating, “He lights up every time we go outside.  When he is fussy or in pain from teething, we simply go outside, and his attitude changes.” Ryder adores being in his wagon outside as well. The wagon is always parked right outside of their home on the farm for quick access, whenever they want to go on a walk around the farm, to the park, or to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

In just a couple of weeks, the family will be celebrating Ryder’s first birthday! Daniella is busy getting her home ready for the big bash. There will be pony rides, kite flying, a new swing set, and of course, yummy birthday cake!

Congratulations to Ryder, Daniella, and the rest of their family. Wishing you a happy birthday filled with many warm memories!