Little Red Story: Little Red Wagon Memories

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Little Red Story: Little Red Wagon Memories

September 23, 2016
posted by Katelyn Jelley

Congratulations to our July Little Red Stories winner, Gabriel! We loved reading about Gabriel’s first parade experience; and we’re happy it was such a success!

Gabriel and his parents live in McPherson, Kansas. Gabriel was given a Radio Flyer Deluxe Family Wagon as a gift from his Grandpa. Gabriel is his first and only grandchild, so this was a very special gift! He spoils him every chance he gets.

Every summer McPherson has a County “All Schools Day Parade”. Gabriel’s mom, Brittany, has participated in this parade for many years growing up, and this year it was Gabriel’s turn!  They used Gabriel’s Radio Flyer wagon to ride in and carry candy for the crowd. This allowed more waving time for Gabriel and mom. Mom was very grateful that he didn’t get tired from walking and was protected from the sun. 

Growing up, Gabriel’s mom was part of different parade events with her family, such as floats, dance groups, or with the D.A.R.E. group. It became a family tradition! Gabriel’s favorite part about the parade was seeing the horses. He is definitely an animal lover!

Gabriel recently used his wagon to go to the zoo. He shared it with a friend, so they were able to see everything they wanted! It was a very hot day, but luckily they were able to keep cool by the canopy. One of Gabriel’s favorite things to do in the evening is hop in the wagon and take a walk around the neighborhood with dad.  

Thank you to Gabriel’s family for sharing; we hope you continue to create wonderful Little Red Memories!