Little Red Story: Me and My Brothers!! 1958

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Little Red Story: Me and My Brothers!! 1958

December 07, 2016
posted by Katelyn Jelley

Congratulations to our November Little Red Stories Winner, Anne from Phoenix, Arizona!

Anne grew up with two older brothers, Garry and David. For Christmas one year, Garry received a Model 18 Radio Flyer Wagon. Experiencing hot Arizona summers growing up, Garry was happy to share his wagon with his siblings. Their favorite thing to do was fill up the wagon with cold water and all hop in it, creating their own person pool!

Anne described growing up with two older brothers to “have its good days and bad days” but they always looked out for one another. They also used their wagon to pull around large rocks that were too big to carry or pull each other around.

Thank you, Anne, for submitting your Little Red Story