Little Red Story: Memories That Last a Lifetime

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Little Red Story: Memories That Last a Lifetime

November 04, 2016
posted by Katelyn Jelley

Congratulations to our October weekly Little Red Stories contest winners, the Sutton Family! What a sweet story!

Cassie received her Town and Country wagon from her parents when she was about one year old. Years later, the wagon is still being used by her three children! Her daughters Ella and Ava and her son Duke love using their mom’s wagon for all types of imaginative play. 

Cassie used her wagon for just about everything from walks around the block to trips to the zoo. Her favorite part about the wagon is the love it received from so many members of her family. Ella, Ava, and Duke are very generous with the wagon and share it with the neighborhood kids. It has been a bench for their dolls and stuffed animals, a desk when they’re playing “school,” storage for their leaves, rocks and dirt, and so much more. Duke loves to pretend it’s a monster truck and pull it around their yard.

The Suttons have more than just one Radio Flyer Wagon. They have two Classic Red Wagons, a pink Fold 2 Go Trike, a 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike and they aren’t done adding to their collection yet!

Thank you, Sutton Family, for submitting your Little Red Story! We hope Radio Flyer continues to inspire active play for many more generations.