Little Red Story: "More" Wagon Rides

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Little Red Story: "More" Wagon Rides

August 05, 2015
posted by Jessica Kogan

It seems as if there is nothing in this world quite as contagious as a smile, especially a smile from a truly happy baby. Whenever our May Little Red Stories winner, Zoey, rides in her wagon she is grinning from ear to ear, says her mother, Valerie. At just one-year old, Zoey knows what makes her happy and she has even learned other ways, outside of her smile, to communicate this feeling to her Mom.

After teaching in the toddler room at a Montessori school, Valerie learned various signals that toddlers could use to speak to adults while they are still learning how to talk. She taught Zoey the sign for “more” and lots of other helpful words. Zoey loves her wagon so much that she has come up with a special way to tell her mother she wants “more” wagon rides. Valerie tells us that when she pauses for a moment from walking with the wagon, Zoey will sign to her with her hands that she wants “more.”  Zoey adores riding around in her Pathfinder Wagon that she received shortly after her first birthday in April. She enjoys being pulled in the wagon just about everywhere, from the park to her own backyard, her mother tells us. 

Valerie can already see a little mischievous side to her daughter, stating, “She finds it funny to throw everything out of the wagon and I don’t realize it until later when we have to go find everything."

Aside from playing in her wagon, Zoey also likes to do other fun activities. She loves to play at home with her puppy, Raider, where she giggles as she chases him around the living room. She also has two cats, Lucky, and Bella, whom always make her smile play with. Just like many little girls, Zoey loves to read books and feed her baby dolls. Zoey is also extremely happy when playing with her family outside. In the past, the family has enjoyed boat rides, camping, the zoo, going to the park and swimming. This summer, they can’t wait to take a trip down by the river so Zoey can ride in the wagon and enjoy the beautiful sunshine with her whole family.

Besides the summer trip, Zoey’s family has a lot to look forward to this upcoming year. They have recently sold their house and are building a new family home in August. In the midst of all the construction and craziness, Valerie tells us how excited she is to go on a family camping trip in August as well. However, the most excitement will come to the family in September, as Zoey is going to become a big sister! Valerie will be having a baby in the fall, and while the family does not yet know if it is a boy or a girl, they are excited for Zoey to be a big sister and bond with the newborn. They look forward to watching her play with her new sibling, and watch the two of them play in the wagon when Zoey’s new sibling is old enough! 

We could not be more excited for Zoey, Valerie and the rest of their growing family. Congratulations and best of luck!