Little Red Story: Mrs.

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Little Red Story: Mrs.

October 18, 2016
posted by Katelyn Jelley

Congratulations to Jennifer and Alice, our third weekly winners for the Little Red Stories contest! We loved how your Little Red Story showed Alice’s commitment to active play, even in a few feet of snow!

Jennifer’s family is from New York, where she raised her children Alice, Beka, John and Cyndi. In 1989 when Jennifer’s youngest child, Alice, was almost two years old, a girl around the same age moved in down the street. Her name was Katie, and she owned a Radio Flyer Town and Country Wagon. She and Alice became fast friends, and would frequently share rides in the wagon with their toys. They would take walks around the neighborhood and play with it for hours. Eventually Katie moved away and took the Radio Flyer wagon with her.  Alice was heartbroken over losing her best friend and the Radio Flyer wagon all at once. Mom and Dad decided that a Town and Country Wagon would be a perfect Christmas gift for Alice.

That Christmas Eve, New York got over a foot of snow overnight. When Alice un-wrapped her Radio Flyer wagon, she couldn’t believe the wagon fit into that small box. She insisted they immediately put the wagon together and take it out for a walk.  No other presents were opened until they did. It was early in the morning, so the streets were not plowed, and the sidewalks remained un-shoveled. That didn’t stop them! Everyone put on their snowsuits to take a walk around the block for the first official ride with the entire family. This was a wonderful memory for them all.

  • Katie is on the left & Alice is on the right

Mom described Alice as sweet, kind, and thoughtful. She showed these qualities by how she used her new Radio Flyer. Once the weather warmed up and the snow melted, she shared her Radio Flyer with her siblings and friends. They took walks around their neighborhood and pulled their dolls and stuffed animals when they wanted to walk with the wagon. They also loved to pull it to the end of their backyard to spend the day under their tree. They would sit on a blanket in the wagon, drink their “tea” and eat lunch. They brought other toys, books, or stuffed animals and would play for hours.

Alice no longer has her Radio Flyer, but it lasted about 20 years; longer than she ever expected! Alice is now 29 years old. Her fond childhood memories inspired her to buy a Radio Flyer wagon for her brother’s children a few years ago. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your family’s Little Red Story; we’re happy to see the joy created by a single wagon!