Little Red Story: My Grandson Michael going Trick-or-Treating

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Little Red Story: My Grandson Michael going Trick-or-Treating

September 23, 2016
posted by Katelyn Jelley

Congratulations to our May Little Red Stories winners, Michael and his Grandmother! Thank you for your submission, we’re happy so see your memories in the making!

Michael’s Grandmother, or “Gramma”, has been a part of Michael’s life since the day he was born. Her favorite memory of Michael was the day she met him. The nurse took her to the delivery room where she met her first grandchild! Holding him in her arms gave her “the best feeling in the world.” It was a feeling that only a grandparent could understand.

Gramma bought Michael his first Radio Flyer Pathfinder wagon as a Christmas gift when he was one year old. Michael and Gramma take his wagon to parks, zoos, and anywhere else they can! They particularly love it for Trick-or-Treating together. The wagon provides Gramma a sense of relief, knowing Michael is safe with her and not walking the dark streets alone.

Michael’s favorite part about Halloween is the time he gets to spend with his Gramma, being pulled from house to house in his costume. The candy treats aren’t a bad addition either! Gramma’s favorite part is simply witnessing the pure joy on Michael’s face. This past year Michael was Jake the Never Land Pirate, his favorite costume yet! He can’t wait to pass it down to his soon-to-be younger sibling.

Michael has been getting good use out of his Radio Flyer wagon this summer. He’s taken it to parks, zoos, trips to the beach, rides along the boardwalk, and in the fall they will be taking it to orchards for some apple picking!

It sounds like Michael has made wonderful memories with his Pathfinder wagon. Soon it will be time to create more memories with the newest addition to the family! Congrats to Michael and Gramma!