Little Red Story: Nuts & Bolts

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Little Red Story: Nuts & Bolts

July 01, 2014
posted by Emily Brandenstein

Congratulations to Jennifer C., the Little Red Stories winner for May! Jennifer submitted this picture of  her 4-year-old son, Luke, working on his trike to make it go “super fast,” as Luke puts it. We love how our trikes encourages kids like Luke to learn how to be handy with tools and tune-ups!

Not pictured in the photo is Luke’s dad, Scott, working alongside his son in their garage on his truck. The father and son duo love spending time together in the garage fixing their rides. In Jennifer’s submission, she writes, “He was under this thing for at least an hour making sure every bolt was tight. Radio Flyer has made it possible for my son to begin to learn about tools and also how to use them.”

Luke always makes sure his Radio Flyer scooter, wagon, and bicycle are tuned to the standards he learned from his Dad and often asks his Mom to take him to their garage to get more tools for tune-ups.

Earlier this summer, Luke celebrated his handyman Dad on Father’s Day by going to a Thomas the Train Engine event in Blowing Rock, NC. Afterwards, Mom, Dad, and Luke went out for a lovely dinner to end the day.  

Besides being a junior handyman, this summer, Luke is planning on weekend road trips with Mom and Dad across their beautiful home state of North Carolina. Visits to the North Carolina Zoo, Linville Caverns, Grandfather Mountain, and local parks and pools are all on their to-do list. 

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