Little Red Story: Oh the Wonderful Things about the Ziggle

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Little Red Story: Oh the Wonderful Things about the Ziggle

June 25, 2015
posted by Jessica Kogan

Raising children is no easy task, and when those children need extra special attention, things become a bit more challenging. Our May Little Red Stories Winner, Sadie, shared with us the pure joy she found when finally discovering a ride on toy her twins love. Sadie’s boys, Miles and Neil, are both on the Autism Spectrum.  It took Sadie some time to find a toy that the boys not only enjoyed, but also aided in their social and learning development. Enter, the Ziggle. Miles and Neil just adore scootin’ around on their Ziggle. Originally a Christmas present for her sons, the family quickly found that one Ziggle would be not enough for the two boys. Both boys couldn’t get enough of their newest toy. About a week later, the family went back to purchase a second Ziggle to continue endless hours of playtime.

Miles and Neil are very active little boys. They love to be chased, play tag and listen to music. In the beginning, the boys found it more difficult to play with other kids, that is, until they found the Ziggle. Sadie notes that the Ziggle has allowed both sons, especially Neil, to learn how to function and play not only individually, but with other kids as well. “Neil is one who goes off to play by himself, but when he is on the Ziggle and kids approach him, it gives him a great opportunity to interact with them. It helps him to make eye contact and it gives us the chance to show and teach him how to respond to other kids,” says Sadie. The twins love riding the Ziggle at home, at the park, and really just about anywhere they can go fast. It is a huge conversation starter for the boys. After a couple laps around the park, all the kids stop and watch the boys wiggling and giggling. Miles and Neil love playing with the other kids as well and showing them how to use the ride-on. 

Sadie notes that Neil wasn't interested in bikes or scooters at all before the Ziggle; once they found the Ziggle, it opened up so much for Neil and his family. She advises parents who have children on the Autism Spectrum to connect with other parents going through the same struggle as they may have tips or tricks on what has worked for them. 

Both Miles and Neil are very excited for this summer to start. They can’t wait to spend time outside playing tag, going to the beach, and especially using their boogie boards in the water! They are looking forward to spending the summer playing with each other, family and friends, and their Ziggle.

Congrats again to Miles, Neil, Sadie and the rest of their family!