Little Red Story: Pumpkin Haul

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Little Red Story: Pumpkin Haul

November 14, 2014
posted by Brittney Snow

No one planned to capture the moments. It just happened. Everyone was simply enjoying the autumn air. 

Avery and her family, including her little sister, Parker, took a quick ride from Cincinnati, OH to visit Dan and his family in Blue Ash. It was Parker’s 1st birthday, so they celebrated the occasion with a trip to a local farm festival and enjoyed football on TV.The girls even took some time to help spruce up the outdoors, which was hidden beneath a fragile quilt of leaves. While the little ones explored the yard, Dan pulled out a Radio Flyer wagon.

After 25 years of being hidden in the shadows of the garage, it rolled into the fall scene with ease. It originally belonged to Dan’s brother-in-law, Jeff, and was given to Jeff as a gift in 1978. Dan states, “It received a lot of use for many years.”

The girls latched onto the wagon quickly. Then, it happened…the perfect photo opportunity. Avery climbed in and created a snug spot for Parker. The adults created a cute sign with ‘Taylor Girls 2014’ written in chalk. Dan grabbed his camera and began snapping shots of the girls’ childhood that they could think back to as they grew older. He remembers fall as a child and says that “the smell of burning leaves and watching football are some of the best memories.”

As the impromptu photo session seemed to come to an end, Avery loaded pumpkins from the pumpkin patch into the wagon and prepared to lug them home for carving. One last photo was needed. Snap!

Congratulations again to Dan, our October Little Red Stories winner!