Little Red Story: Radio Flyer Family

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Little Red Story: Radio Flyer Family

August 01, 2015
posted by Allison Rivers

One of the biggest joys of being on the Customer Service Team here at Radio Flyer is hearing how our products have become a family tradition.  We love hearing from parents and grandparents – even great-grandparents! – about the memories they have made over the years in a Classic Red Wagon, a Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle, or a Little Red Scooter.  It seems synonymous with a classic American childhood. Our July Little Red Stories winner, Kelsey, shared with us some of the memories created over the course of 40 years in her family. Her son Landon is the third generation of oldest children to receive a Radio Flyer wagon for his first birthday, and hopefully there will be many more Radio Flyer loving generations to come!

It all started when Landon’s grandmother received her first Radio Flyer wagon over 40 years ago. Her parents then continued the tradition with giving her oldest child, Landon’s father, a Radio Flyer wagon for his first birthday about 20 years later. His favorite memory with it is when he and his younger brother would take turns pulling it around the yard at his grandparents’ house. They would take long walks with their grandparents all around their 20-acre property.

When Landon turned one, his great-grandparents continued on the tradition, giving him a Pathfinder Wagon of his own.  Together as a family, they love to take long walks to their local ice cream shop, the park, or just around the block. Kelsey says, “There's a very special and nostalgic feeling pulling my son around in his Radio Flyer as my husband’s great-grandparents once did with my mother-in-law, and as my mother-in-law did with my husband.”

Mom says that Landon is always trying to make people laugh, and his silliness is contagious. Like a true Radio Flyer kid, he loves to Get Out and Play!

Traditions have become a central part of Kelsey’s family values. They try to maintain as many traditions as possible, both old and new.  Recently they drove to Lake Michigan, as they do every Labor Day weekend, to end the summer right – with family.  Soon they will be picking out pumpkins and trick-or-treating. Halloween is right around the corner, and Kelsey is excited to see him enjoy it this year, as he was only a few months old last year.

We here at Radio Flyer are so lucky to be part of these fun traditions. Congrats, and thank you for sharing with us, Kelsey!