Little Red Story: Thankful for the Sun & Little Things

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Little Red Story: Thankful for the Sun & Little Things

December 10, 2015
posted by Allison Rivers

When going through tough times, it sometimes helps to look forward to the sunshine after the rain…but what about the trike ride after the flood? Little Madelyn Baughman and mom, Jessica, shared their experience with the severe flooding that occurred in South Carolina this past October in their Little Red Story, “Thankful for Sun & The Little Things.” Though the damage to the surrounding area was devastating, the community was able to band together to get through it all, and Madelyn got to ride her tricycle again. 

News outlets reported as much as 16 inches of rain fell in less than one day, breaking all previous records for the state of South Carolina. Jessica describes it as being a very sad day. “Roads were crumbling, and so many of our favorite restaurants and businesses were lost.  So many homes in our area were destroyed,” she said. The members of the Baughman family all came out of the storm safe and sound, and their house was only minimally damaged. Despite the hardships, Jessica recalls the support of their community: “We have a really great community and really caring family and friends. People were constantly calling us to make sure we were okay and to see how they could help.”

“This tragedy has been a great reminder for our family to be thankful for the little things, like hugs, sunny days, little red bikes, and that we have each other. In the end, it is all that matters!” –an excerpt from “Thankful for Sun & the Little Things”


After several days of unrelenting rain, the Baughmans were ready for some sunshine!  All Madelyn wanted was to ride down the street on her 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike again with her stuffed monkey in hand. The trike was a gift for her 1st birthday from Grandma and Grandpa, and since then, it has become a fixture on the Baughman’s front porch. Every time Madelyn sees it, she asks to go for a ride through their neighborhood and makes sure to point out all of her favorite things. Jessica says that she especially loves seeing Charlie, their neighbor’s dog.

Madelyn is an outgoing and loving girl. She loves her family, especially her cousins, Mary Hayes and Sally, her dog, Stella, and her Granddaddy, who takes her for long wagon rides every Wednesday. She loves to give hugs and never stops talking.  Jessica says, “She loves playing with other children…[and] knows every child’s name in her toddler class. Everyone in our neighborhood knows Madelyn!”

Jessica, Madelyn, and the rest of the Baughmans are looking forward to a family-filled holiday season and will be taking a “Polar Express” train ride!

We here at Radio Flyer send our thoughts to the communities affected by the flooding in South Carolina. May you all pick up the pieces, continue supporting each other, and smile again like Madelyn on her red tricycle! Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your family’s story with us, and congratulations on winning the Little Red Stories contest!