Little Red Story: Wagon Surfing

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Little Red Story: Wagon Surfing

March 20, 2015
posted by Brittney Snow

Our February Little Red Stories winner, Laura T., tells us that both she and her husband received a Radio Flyer wagon when they were two years old. She remembers hers being covered in balloons that wiggled in the wind as her Uncle George wheeled it around the yard. She recalls her uncle telling her parents, “Every kid should have a red wagon.”

The memories of her and her husband’s wagons resonated in their minds when they had their son, Mason. While they didn’t wait for a “special occasion” to get Mason his first wagon, the moment will forever remain a special memory for their family. Laura says, “From the minute he saw the wagon, it was like he already knew what it was for.” His face told it all and there was no holding him back.

During his first ride, he started off seated in the wagon. As they rolled along, he looked left and right, smiling to himself as the neighborhood block drifted behind him. “Mason is full of curiosity and adventure. He loves to be outside and explore everything around him,” says mom.

Laura remembers stopping the wagon to see how he was doing and he immediately stood up and smiled. He wasn’t interested in hopping out but seemed to insist that she let him ride standing up so he could feel the wind in his hair. Mom wasn’t surprised by this because she says, “He laughs a lot and truly likes to just have a good time. He is always trying to do or learn something new.”

While Laura remembers going for walks with her family in Indiana, and her husband remembers rolling with his sister and favorite stuffed animal (a dog named Baxter) in Pennsylvania, Mason is making memories by taking his wagon all over Northern California. He enjoys riding with the fruit and veggies that they collect at the farmer’s market, sneaking a taste of sweet and juicy strawberries. It goes to the beach in Santa Cruz and joins them on their trips to the post office. “Our entire family lives on the East Coast/Mid-West, so we are always walking to the post office to send letters and packages.” Mom tells us that the wagon is best for taking Mason on a ride while also carrying packages and he prefers the wagon over any of his strollers.

Congrats again to Laura and her family. We hope the memories continue to roll in!