Little Red Story Winner: Mama Sit!

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Little Red Story Winner: Mama Sit!

December 09, 2013
posted by Tracy Baldwin

Congratulations to Reesa Allee, our October Little Red Stories contest winner for her story, “Mama Sit.”  She and her husband, Tre, adopted a little boy from Ethiopia last year—Amare Dawit.   Reesa keeps her own blog about her family’s adventure into adoption, including anticipating the arrival of a little sister from Ethiopia soon! 

Amare has an infectious smile and seems to radiate happiness.  She says that his favorite thing to do is run and reports that whether he's pushing his tricycle or pulling his wagon, as long as he's the one driving, he's at his happiest. Check out the winning Little Red Story! 

Reesa and her husband married in Palm Cove, Australia just over four years ago and it was on the flight home they first started discussing adoption. She knew from a very early age that she wanted to adopt and as it turned out it was something her husband was very interested in as well.

A year or so into their marriage she started talking about it again and as they did more research the Lawrence, Kansas couple knew that their first child would be from Ethiopia. Why Ethiopia?

Reesa writes, “First I will say that if there is one child anywhere that needs a home there is a tremendous need to find that child a home. That said, Ethiopia had and still has a great need to find hundreds of thousands of children a home. On top of all of that the Ethiopian culture is a very special culture, the people there are so kind and generous, they made us feel so welcome. We have completed all the necessary paperwork and we are on the list to go back to Ethiopia to adopt our second child. Crossing our fingers it happens soon!”

Her advice for others considering adoption?  She says, “First do your research and second be patient. It's not an easy process, it's not a fast process but in the end it's the most rewarding thing we have ever done.”  

She says the best thing about being a parent is watching him grow up.  “He is so full of life and so much fun to be around. We often hear that he is lucky but that isn't true, we are so incredibly lucky to have him,” she shared.