Little Red Wagon Sparks Inspiring Literary Journey

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Little Red Wagon Sparks Inspiring Literary Journey

February 20, 2018
posted by Mindy Schanzle

We are always inspired and humbled by the stories you share. One of our Little Red Story submissions came from Darcie T. of Alberta, Canada, who persevered through a learning disability to accomplish great things.


It all started with a bedtime story. The story was about a little girl who planted a flower garden in a “Little Red Wagon.” This was one of her many stories based on true events. . It also quickly became her daughter’s favorite bedtime story. So, Darcie decided to write and self-publish it in the fall of 2014.


From there, she went on to incorporate the book into an educational, hands-on learning tool garden kit that promotes reading and literacy.


Darcie’s “My Little Red Wagon Garden Kit” comes packed in our Little Red Toy Wagon with a copy of her “My Little Red Wagon” story book, a pair of children garden gloves, a three-piece children’s garden tool set, a bag of garden soil and packages of flower seeds that represent the five colors of the flowers mentioned in the book. 


Read about Darcie’s book and the adventure it sparked here. Join us in congratulating her in recognition of all the lives she touched along the way!