Meet Lightning: Electric Ride-On Horse - Your New, Furry Friend

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Meet Lightning: Electric Ride-On Horse - Your New, Furry Friend

November 15, 2018
posted by Chelsea Lavin

We’re excited to introduce Lightning: Electric Ride-On Horse — our latest offering to spark fun, imaginative play. Powered by a 6V battery, Lightning can travel up to two miles per hour, making him a great adventure pal. Meanwhile, his irresistible plush fabric and padded head invites hugs and cuddles.


“Lightning’s development started with a compelling, adorable, handcrafted prototype,” says Sam, product development engineer at Radio Flyer. “Then, focus shifted to optimizing the ergonomics through on-site child testing. The final and most challenging step was working with our vendor to tweak the fabric patterns to maintain that original, adorable aesthetic of the horse.”


Perfect for the indoor months, smooth wheels are furniture and floor-friendly. Meanwhile, Lightning’s push-to-go button on the handlebar provides easy control, and the footrests lend comfort. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry about running out of “gas” since Lightning easily charges through the charging port on the footrest.


“One of my favorite parts about developing Lightning was participating in the marketing team’s photoshoot with kids,” Sam recalls. “We thought the horse was cute, but seeing the kids react to the product was validation that we created something that kids would fall in love with.”


Geared toward children ages two to five years, Lightning’s maximum weight capacity is 50 pounds. Check it out on our site, and see it in action in our video.