Camp Radio Flyer: Nature Day

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Camp Radio Flyer: Nature Day

July 27, 2020
posted by Mindy Schanzle


Hello Campers and Counselors, and welcome to Camp Radio Flyer! We are officially in session and thrilled to have you and your family joining us in a fun-filled week of camp activities.

We are kicking off the week with Nature Day. Today, our Campers are Little Explorers ready to traverse the Great Outdoors. We’re sending Camp Radio Flyer on an outdoor adventure with a nature scavenger hunt. Every great explorer needs the proper equipment, so before you head out in your wagon, make sure to pack all the essentials. Help your campers gather their gear, like sun-protection, bug spray, water, and snacks. Campers can even make a pair of DIY Binoculars so they can search and spot all of the wonders of nature on their scavenger hunt.

Ready for Nature Day, Campers? Let’s get started!


DIY Binoculars


To start the day off, we’re going to get crafty with some DIY binoculars. Perfect for seeing the birds and treetops up high all the way to the plants and critters in the soil, these binoculars are the perfect accessory for our Little Explorers to use today.


  • 2 toilet paper rolls
  • A length of twine or string
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Any materials you want to use to decorate (construction paper, paint, crayons, markers, stickers, glitter, etc.)


  1. Decorate your toilet paper rolls however you’d like! If your Camper is eager to get outside and explore, keep it simple. If your Camper wants to make their very own specialized pair of binoculars, you can get as creative as you’d like with any decorations – stickers, glitter, construction paper, paint, crayons, markers, whatever you have available at home!
  2. Place the decorated rolls standing next to each other and tape together by placing half the piece of tape in one roll and folding over to the inside of the other roll. Do this on both sides. If you don’t have toilet paper rolls on hand, you can trim paper-towel rolls, or use paper to make your own roll.
  3. Tape a length of string on the inside of each of the rolls, forming a necklace.


That’s it! Your binoculars are ready for imaginative adventures and will make the perfect accessory for our next Nature Day activity.


Nature Scavenger Hunt


Time to explore! Grab your binoculars, pile in your wagon, and head out for your nature scavenger hunt. Counselors, you can do your scavenger hunt in the forest preserve, at the park, in the neighborhood, or even in your own backyard – whatever works best for your family. Print out the list and bring it with you. Can you use your binoculars to spot each of the items? Collect items in your wagon as you go – empty egg cartons also double as a great container for the items you find along the way. Campers might like to hold a clipboard with their list and check off each item they find.


When you get home, don’t forget to take a photo of all of your findings and share on Instagram using #CampRadioFlyer to enter our photo sweepstakes for your chance to win the Ultimate Summer Prize Pack. We can’t wait to see your adventures from your first day of camp! For bonus fun, use the items you collected for more crafts. You can paint your rocks, make some cool leaf-rubbing art, or use your sticks to make a summer star ornament


That’s it for Nature Day! Great job, Campers and Counselors. What was your favorite part of camp today? Be sure to follow @radioflyerinc on Instagram and don’t forget to use #CampRadioFlyer to share pictures from the day. We’ll see you back here tomorrow with our next theme and another day of adventure!