A New Way to Play: Groovin' to the Music

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A New Way to Play: Groovin' to the Music

October 18, 2012
posted by Melissa Enos

When I was a kid, I remember playing music from a radio out of the garage.  I would crank up my favorite songs and act out an entire musical performance on my bicycle while riding in circles in the driveway.  

When we were exploring new concepts for our next scooter, we weren’t surprised that our consumer research found that playing music while you ride was a top scoring concept for the girl tween set.  We learned that these girls like to ride with friends and enjoy listening to music when they are outside playing—just like I did when I was their age.

Our designers took great measures when creating the Groove Glider, a scooter that can play music.   I like how you put your own MP3 player into the speaker case because it avoids distractions when you ride.  We made sure you don’t need headphones, so you can be aware of your surroundings while you ride.  The speakers play the music while attached to the handlebars.    So now girls, like one of my friend’s daughters who loves to listen to Taylor Swift, can listen to their favorite tunes when they ride.  

I wish I had the Groove Glider when I was a kid!   Performing on my driveway would have been much easier to have the music go with me.     

How do your kids incorporate music when they play? Who are their favorite POP STARS?