Backyard Scavenger Hunt for Kids

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Backyard Scavenger Hunt for Kids

April 09, 2020
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Last week, we brought you a printable indoor scavenger hunt to help you and your family continue #PlayingAtHome. Sunshine and fresh air are as important as ever, so this week we have created an outdoor scavenger hunt sheet for more adventures. Bring the print out on your family walk or complete it in your own backyard. Hop on your trike or pile in your wagon, and get rolling! This scavenger hunt is the perfect activity for creative family fun time – and also a great way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D! Here are three ideas to make your outdoor scavenger hunt even more exciting:


1. Use as a Coloring Sheet Just like our indoor scavenger hunt sheet, color the pictures on this printable as you collect them. Mom or Dad, you can bring a couple of crayons to use along the way. Or, wait until you’re done collecting all of your items and then color your masterpiece. For another coloring activity, use the leaves you brought home to create fun leaf art. Position a leaf with the bottom side facing up, and place a piece of paper over it. Rub a crayon on the area over the leaf, and see what textures and patterns your child creates!

2. Make Something Out of Everything Collected - This adds a fun twist to the mix. Once your child has gathered all of the items, see what they can make out of all of the objects. Small children might enjoy laying out all of the objects to make the first letter of their name or a basic shape like a circle or triangle. Older kids might want to set a scene or see how tall of a tower they can make. Either way, parents can take a photo of the final product to remember the adventure.

3. iSpy - There is plenty more to the great outdoors than simply what you can pick up! What else can you spot on your scavenger hunt that you can’t necessarily bring home with you? Parents can create a list of things to look for along the way. Customize your list to your landscape. If you live in a neighborhood, you may have your little ones on the lookout for a mailbox, a dog, and a green recycling bin. If your family is in the city, maybe you’ll try to spot a skyscraper, a park, and train or bus. Nature walkers might search for a bird, a map or sign, and a body of water. Can you find a Radio Flyer along the way? Take photos of the cool things you find for memories of your adventure.


What shapes and sizes will your leaves be? Can you find a pinecone protecting its seeds along the way? Be sure to share the treasures you find by using #radioflyer!