Radio Flyer’s Ultimate Guide to Play & Fold Away Climbers

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Radio Flyer’s Ultimate Guide to Play & Fold Away Climbers

September 19, 2022
posted by Chelsea Lavin

Let imaginations climb to new heights with Radio Flyer’s new Play & Fold Away Climbers! With five themes to choose from, the possibility of indoor and outdoor play opportunities is growing faster than a beanstalk. Keep reading to learn our favorite games with each Play & Fold Away Climber.


  1. Play & Fold Away Treetop Tower: Forest Expedition

Transport from backyard to jungle in moments with the Play & Fold Away Treetop Tower. With a bit of imagination, the platform and telescope transform into the ultimate spot for spying on the forest from the treetops, while the secret play space is perfect for hiding among forest creatures.

Plus, Play & Fold Away climbers fold flat for easy storage between expeditions.

     child playing on outdoor climber with slide

  1. Play & Fold Away Princess Castle: Dress Up Dreams

This theme is great for little ones with overflowing costume trunks. Perfect for indoor play, little ones can recreate their favorite fairytales (or create a new epic story!)

With a slide to escape the castle in times of trouble and a pretty pattern fit for royalty, little ones with big imaginations will love this playset.

     child climbing up ladder of indoor climber play set

  1. Play & Fold Away Pirate Ship: Pretend Play Pirates

The Play & Fold Away Pirate Ship is perfect for pretend play. With a few props and your best “Aye, Aye Captain!” little ones can set sail in the pirate ship of their dreams.

Whether they sail across the world or hunt for treasure, working steering and a fun telescope will steer little ones to exclaim “X marks the spot!”

     child sliding down play set slide

  1. Play & Fold Away Fire Station: Hero Stories

This playset is great for aspiring firefighters & heroes or those with a fascination for fire trucks. With a little imagination, the slide transforms into a fire station pole so little ones can slide into action. Pretend play extends the ladder to 20 feet, perfect for reaching the tallest treetop branches to rescue the local cat that crawled up the tree.  What other play scenarios will your aspiring hero create?

     two kids playing on outdoor play set with slide

  1. Play & Fold Away Modern Farmhouse: Upgrading the OG game, “House”

Playing “house” is a staple game for little ones. The Modern Farmhouse is a great backdrop to all imaginative storylines.

From expansive home gardens to ultimate playrooms, this imaginative house is up to your little one. Add props such as the Kids’ Wheelbarrow or the Little Red Toy Wagon for extra play tools.

     two kids playing on indoor playset with slide


What other games will your little ones play with the Play & Fold Away Climbers? Tag @radioflyerinc on social media to share your adventures. Subscribe to our email newsletter for additional play ideas & parenting resources.