Radio Flyer Celebrates the Benefits of Play

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Radio Flyer Celebrates the Benefits of Play

May 09, 2019
posted by Mindy Schanzle

Join us in celebrating the first ever month-long celebration of play championed by The Genius of Play, an initiative by The Toy Association. Play isn’t all fun and games. It also helps little ones learn, too! Play teaches kids to interact with others and to develop critical lifelong skills such as cognitive, creative, emotional, and much more.


The Genius of Play focuses on six critical skills and the way play helps to develop them. We wanted to join in the fun to help promote the benefits of play and to share ways you and your family can get out and play! There are many benefits of play for kids of all ages. We’ve come up with some fun ideas to keep your family playing all month long.


Get Moving!

These active play activities will help your little one develop coordination and motor skills while using their natural energy and promoting better sleep habits. Get the whole family moving and grooving for some extra fun.

  • Scooter race with the Build-A-Scooter
  • Fly a kite!
  • Head to the park with your Stroll-n-Trike and see-saw the day away
  • Find a kid-friendly run in the neighborhood and practice as a family
  • Create a mini obstacle course in the house or backyard


Easy as 1-2-3

Cognitive learning activities work your brain by using your senses. Skills such as memory and reasoning can be developed through cognitive play.

  • Work on a family puzzle
  • Have your little ones play with one of the 17 activities on the Busy Buggy
  • Head outside and see how many different animal sounds you can hear
  • Have your little ones count how many red things are in the room


Markers, Glue, Pipe cleanerS

Creative activities are perfect for letting little imaginations run wild with new ideas. By challenging your family to get creative and play with items already found in the house, you never know what you could create! What are some of your household items that are perfect for DIY?

  • Make a creative diorama
  • Color on paper plates
  • Create a beautiful mobile or add some bells, old keys or stones to make wind chimes
  • Create a superhero cape out of felt


Ready, Set, Go!

Social games allow your little one to develop skills to communicate and interact with others. Activities that involve speech, writing or signals are perfect for social time!

  • Imagine your wagon is a safari jeep and explore the jungle with your neighbors
  • Take turns going horseback riding on Lightning the horse
  • Have a pretend tea party with your neighborhood friends
  • Play Red Light, Green Light with your family


What are some of your favorite ways to play? Let us know in the comments below! The Genius of Play is highlighting a different play idea every day on their website so head on over there to learn more about the six benefits of play and get even more ideas on how to Play All May!