Radio Flyer Celebrates Take Our Kids to Work Day

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Radio Flyer Celebrates Take Our Kids to Work Day

May 22, 2018
posted by Mindy Schanzle

Offering kids a behind-the-scene glimpse, we hosted our annual Take Our Kids to Work day on May 3rd. Flyers invited their children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and then some to our headquarters. Not only was it a chance for them to have fun with a variety of engaging, super hero-themed Radio Flyer activities — it was an opportunity for Flyers to share what makes Radio Flyer great with the kids in their lives.


Kids under the age of 4 joined their family members for an exploration of the office. They played with our outdoor ride-ons, and enjoyed fun activities such as bubbles, books and Radio Flyer-themed coloring.


Our guests between the ages of 4 and 7 spent the day hunting throughout our office to find the Super Flyers — a few dressed as super heroes — who work here every day. Then, they designed their own super hero and sidekick. The kids enjoyed learning about Flyers’ super powers and their role at Radio Flyer.


The kids between ages 8 and 10 visited each department throughout the day to learn about how we develop and launch our products. During the event, they developed a product idea with our Product Development team, budgeted their creation with Finance, marketed their product with online advertising in the Marketing and IT department, created a sales pitch for a potential buyer, and worked with Customer Service and Operations to provide assistance for their future product. This fun and engaging activity left these young innovators with a sense of the business, and their very own product!


Lastly, our visitors 11 years and up explored three departments of interest to learn more about its daily tasks and goals, and how they relate to the Radio Flyer brand as a whole. The goal was to help them develop a business sense and explore potential career paths.


Then, everyone gathered for lunch, a company meeting— complete with kid presenters! — jumped in a bounce house, enjoyed snacks from the ice cream truck and had an extra-special recess, complete with active play and outdoor rides.


At Radio Flyer, we love to bring smiles and create warm memories for children of all ages. This year’s Take Our Kids to Work Day provided a fun and interactive day that Flyers and future Flyers will remember for years to come. We look forward to planning and sharing next year’s event!


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