Radio Flyer Celebrates Take Our Kids to Work Day

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Radio Flyer Celebrates Take Our Kids to Work Day

May 24, 2019
posted by Amy Bastuga

Take Our Kids to Work Day is one of my favorite days at the Radio Flyer Headquarters. Each year our awesome committee leaders spend weeks planning activities for our future Flyers. This day is close to my heart because I’ve had the pleasure to bring my children for the past ten years. I’ve watched my son and my twin daughters grow and learn with each annual visit, and this year I got to show my niece what we do here at Radio Flyer #InspiringFutureEngineers.


Take our Kids to Work Day embodies who we are as a company. The day is special for everyone involved—the visiting kids, the event team and our Flyer parents. Our event leaders for Take Our Kids to Work Day, Andrea Driscoll and Chelsea Lavin, planned amazing activities for kids of all ages—from infants to 8th graders.


Even from a young age, the kids can make connections about how Radio Flyer relates to their world. They see the space their parents go each day for work and they meet their parents’ co-workers! All Flyers get the chance to meet and develop relationships with the little ones they hear about each week.


This year was the best yet! We hosted a day filled with laughter, connection and learning for all ages. The younger kids were led in activities that fuel their creativity through imaginative play. From creating hot air balloons to matching games with Radio Flyer products to participating in product testing, their day was filled with fun.


We love how this day exposes kids to the working world in a fun and playful way. As they travel through each department, we help them understand careers through their own experience. One of the best examples is their participation in Product Development: the kids give feedback on current projects. Another activity focused on Customer Service. Kids ages 8-10 participated in the entire Customer Service experience, from fielding a call to relaying information to their Supply Chain partner to finding replacement parts.


A unique element of Radio Flyer’s Take Our Kids to Work Day is an all-company meeting to bring everyone together to experience our team culture. The 7th and 8th graders present to the company about one of the departments or committees they learned about. It gives them invaluable experience speaking in front of a group and it gives us insight into what our future Flyers learned about Radio Flyer! This day always brings smiles and warm memories for the whole group.  


As a working mother, I really love seeing our team interact with Flyers’ little ones and giving the kids insight into our world here at Radio Flyer. Some very important relationships began during Take Our Kids to Work Day, as some of our future Flyers have gone on to be interns here as well!