Radio Flyer Interns Work, Grow, Play Through Summer 2019

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Radio Flyer Interns Work, Grow, Play Through Summer 2019

September 13, 2019
posted by Amy Bastuga

To continue to be the World’s Most Loved Children’s Brand, we need the most talented and creative people to join our team! This begins with our interns. The Radio Flyer Intern Program is a 12-week paid program for proactive, self-motivated college students and recent graduates. Every year, we are amazed at the caliber of young professionals who walk through our doors to work with each and every team here. Our interns participate in real projects and give input on real problems our teams are facing.


Our program allows interns to interact with experts in their field, offer meaningful suggestions to company challenges, and participate in company activities, all while growing professionally. We are committed to a culture that embraces feedback, collaboration, and innovation to achieve great results and drive business growth.


“Radio Flyer’s internships stand out by how we integrate interns into the company. We provide a lot of training to build your personal and professional goals.”

Lauren Larson, Account Manager, 2019 Intern Manager, 2011 Intern


At Radio Flyer we live by the Little Red Rule, “Every time we touch people's lives, they will feel great about Radio Flyer!” We start each annual internship program by sharing this expectation and encouraging interns to look for opportunities to apply the Little Red Rule throughout their time with us.


A great deal of trust is put on our interns as we assign them challenging goals.  We offer a great amount of team support and mentorship as interns navigate their projects and assimilate to our fast-paced environment. One of the things our interns love the most is the high quality of tasks and amount of meaningful work they are a part of during their time here.


       “I felt that my voice as an intern really did matter.”

Charis Chin, 2019 Accounting Intern


Interns get the opportunity for daily interactions with senior leaders, executives, and experts in their field. Through planned events such as our Breakfast with the Chief Wagon Officer and Intern Social, interns get to hear about working at Radio Flyer firsthand from Robert Pasin and other Radio Flyer leaders. Our open workspace also presents opportunities for interns to interact with leaders & Flyers in a less formal environment and get to know the team over lunch in the Radio Café.


Each intern manager serves as a mentor from their department. Many of our mentors have a unique passion for the intern program because they were interns themselves! In fact, about 25% of full-time Flyers started out as interns in our program.


Nick Cecchi, a previous Radio Flyer Intern, reflected on his time in the program.


The intern program really taught me about the culture, work ethic, and expectations of Radio Flyer.  I was trusted with a lot of independence and I was responsible for the work I was assigned.  This really let me grow and display my problem-solving skills, showing that I could deliver results.”

Nick Cecchi, Product Quality Engineer and 2019 Intern Manager


We take into consideration each intern’s personal development goals as they begin the program. Interns have the opportunity to develop communication skills through on-site Wagon U classes and various presentations. Each intern presents a summary of their work here during their Final Internship Presentation, which gives them the opportunity to work on public speaking skills, showcase their work, and engage an audience in a company setting.


We asked interns to let us know what their favorite part of their time with Radio Flyer was this summer. We got some great responses.


The Work!  Interns were all energized by the meaningful work trusted to them.

Our interns were amazed at the volume of work they accomplished during their time here.


Professional Development! Customized professional development for each intern.

The interns really enjoyed being able to further their professional development this summer by attending Wagon U courses offered on site. They got to learn more about Radio Flyer’s Vision, Mission, and Values along with important topics such as how to effectively communicate with coworkers based on their unique communication style.


Fun! Programs and social events throughout the summer.

Interns participated in our Summer Active Challenge, where they gained extra points for working out with other Flyers, and a bags tournament – another fun way to get to know team members across the company.


Give Back! Opportunities to give back to the community during work hours.

Interns worked alongside Flyers as part of a program called KaBOOM! to build a playground in a day for a local community and build a community garden with BigGreen. They loved being able to leave a lasting imprint in the local community.


We value our interns greatly, and we are happy to provide them with an unforgettable experience. Our program gives young professionals the chance to work, grow, and play in a way that is unique to Radio Flyer. We can’t wait to see what 2020 has to offer with our next group of talented interns!


The strong commitment to the value of its customers, its employees, the environment, and the surrounding society are all things that match my idea of what it means to be a truly great company and one that is looking toward the future.”

Will Jefferies, 2019 Product Development Intern


Are you interested in joining a creative, innovative, and collaborative team? Apply for the Radio Flyer 2020 Internship Program today!

  • Jacob Swan, Mechanical Engineering Intern
  • 2019 Intern Class
  • Jamming at the Intern Social
  • Accounting Intern Charis Chin chatting with Senior Director of Sales Operations Jean Rosenzweig at the Intern Welcome Breakfast
  • Intern Mentors and Mentees at the Intern Welcome Breakfast
  • Giving back to the community with BigGreen and KaBoom!