Radio Flyer's Annual Goals & Strategy Meeting

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Radio Flyer's Annual Goals & Strategy Meeting

April 04, 2019
posted by Amy Bastuga

What makes our employees - or Flyers as we call them - say “I love my job”? Many factors contribute to that, and the Radio Flyer Goals & Strategy meeting is one of our annual events that Flyers look forward to.


The Radio Flyer Goals & Strategy Meeting is a two-day meeting that promotes collaboration and transparency throughout the entire company. We play Radio Flyer-themed games, spend time giving feedback and feedforward to each member of the team and listen to dynamic presentations given by company leaders.


Feedforward is something we value at Radio Flyer. It’s an exercise that allows us to focus on ways to improve for the future, by leveraging the knowledge and input of our peers. To help put this into practice, every Flyer takes ownership of creating goals for themselves for the upcoming year that are posted throughout our Goals & Strategy Meeting. Flyers are then given time to review everyone’s goals to learn about the work their peers are planning for the year, but to also provide feedforward (specific suggestions or tips) on their independent goals and strategies. We conduct a Feedforward exercise at our mid-year sessions to continue to generate ideas for our personal growth.


The first day kicked off with a talk from our Chief Wagon Officer, Robert Pasin, followed by an inspiring talk from our Chief Innovation Officer, Tom Schlegel. Robert takes time during our Goals & Strategy Meeting to focus on long-term initiatives, looking at how we tackle problems and talk about our overall strategy. Tom kicked off his presentation with the importance of innovation, and how we can continue to innovate at Radio Flyer. These presentations are a great way to start the day because it brings all Flyers together into one room to hear the same message and it allows everyone to align on our goals and strategy. That level of transparency can be hard to find at companies.


“Our onsite meeting sets Radio Flyer apart from other companies because of the transparency from our leadership team.  These meetings not only get Flyers pumped up about the year ahead, but they also build trust.”

Samantha Sturgeon, Sr. Product Development Engineer



The Vice President of Operations & Sustainability, Eric Selner, gave a great talk on habits and making them stick. Whether in regards to sustainable habits or daily productivity habits, this Inspirational talk helped Flyers gain a new skill set.


Both days of the Goals & Strategy Meeting have a chunk of time dedicated to team-building activities. Cross-departmental teams go head-to-head and gives Flyers a fun way to build bonds and strategize with others they may not regularly collaborate with.


“This meeting really helps bring all the Flyers together.  There is a big push for team building with Radio Flyer, and this has created chemistry between employees.”

Zack Davis, Associate Multimedia Production Artist



At the end of the Goals & Strategy Meeting, we get together to celebrate our year and kick off the upcoming one. To kick off 2019, we met at the House of Blues in Downtown Chicago and enjoyed each other’s company while kicking back and relaxing!


This 1 ½ day event, is always considered time well spent and represents just one of the many ways we commit time away from the day to day to invest in building a great company. Fostering bonds with each other and the brand help fuel our imaginations.  This time spent together was great and we are reminded in all aspects of work and life Time Flies, Enjoy the Ride!