Ready, Set ... Shop!

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Ready, Set ... Shop!

November 27, 2013
posted by Brittney Snow

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner. These two days are vital for some gift givers preparing for the upcoming holidays. Whether it’s getting that 42” flat screen TV to entertain out-of-towners or making sure that you’ve checked the list twice for all of your little ones’ toys and gadgets.

Websites like and apps such as TheFind are providing shoppers with discount information ahead of time so consumers can create better game plans. Retailers are also jumping on the band wagon by releasing specific details about their in-store and online specials before the big days. We are too! Interested in learning more about after-Thanksgiving promotions on  It’s not too late to sign-up!

Here are a few suggestions that may help you tackle the post-Turkey Day turmoil:

  1. Charge It! – Be sure to have your cell phones, computers and tablets fully charged before shopping. You wouldn’t want a 5% battery to be the reason you miss out on a 20% off deal.
  2. Early Bird Gets the Worm…for a Low Price– On Black Friday, it’s usually best to arrive to stores at the crack of dawn to beat the crowds. Cyber Monday shoppers can follow suit by logging on in the morning. According to IBM Coremetrics, last year’s sales generally peaked in the afternoon and evening hours.
  3. No Cart Left Behind – Not only can you fall victim to Black Friday bandits in stores, you can lose out on specials by not purchasing items in your virtual cart in a timely manner. Available inventory depletes quickly on these two days.
  4. Read the Fine Print – Free shipping sounds awesome until you realize that you’ll have to buy 10 more of the item to get the deal. Take the time to comb through the terms and conditions before checking out.  
  5. Call Me, Maybe? – Customer service phones will be ringing off the hooks as they assist consumers with inquiries. Be sure to have your questions ready to go, as well as the model number of the product in question. It might also be helpful to have the ad handy just in case you need to reference any promotion details. If you don’t feel like waiting in the queue, try emailing to get a speedier response.

What items are on the top of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday lists?